Next Year in Jerusalem

A lecture about the Holocaust in honor of Jerusalem Day


For thousands of years the Jewish people have remembered Jerusalem and never gave up hope of returning. "Next Year in Jerusalem" will discuss the meaning of Jerusalem for the victims of the Holocaust, and for the Survivors as they return to life. The significance of this connection holds an important message for humanity today.

I Remember


The memory of the Holocaust is facing a serious challenge as it must remain both relevant and personal. This must be a high priority so that the younger generations will keep it alive. 
In my presentation, I discuss the idea of memory, and show what and how we can learn from the Holocaust. It is expressed  in a manner that is personal and meaningful, so we can become better individuals who are active against the wrongs in our world.

Miracles- Passover During the Holocaust


Passover is the holiday in which we remember and relate to our children, the great miracles that God had bestowed upon our people, leading us to freedom and giving us the Land of Israel. What can the miracles of Passover teach us about they way we remember the Holocaust? How did the Jews observe the holiday in the Ghettos and the extermination camps? These questions raise interesting theological discussions about the way we understand Jewish History, the role of God, and from that we can learn about the secret of our Humanity and our responsibility in this world.

The Bystanders


The meaning of being a bystander in the Holocaust and what we can relate to it in contemporary times. 

  • Who are they?

  • Are they active or passive participants?

  • Are they bad people?

  • What can it teach us about our responsibilities?

Bring Light into the Darkness- Hannukah during the Holocaust


The symbolism of Hannukah during the Holocaust:

What do we know about Hannukah during the Holocaust?

How does one find light in the darkness?

How does it reflect on our perspectives?



During the Holocaust the Jewish people were facing 3 options: Passivity, collaboration and Resistance. In my lecture about Resistance during the Holocaust I discuss the meaning of the Jewish resistance- a story about Strength and true Heroism which can teach us so much that is relevant for our everyday life.